Sarkozy’s wife, Carla Bruni, nude picture for sale

Well, I don’t know if the world ever saw naked the wife of a president, but today’s the chance, cause there’s a Carla Bruni picture where she’s naked for sale!

On the picture, she’s completly nude, altough she’s hiding her genital parts. The picture was taken back in 1993.

The original photographer of the picture, Michel Comte, said he has made a bunch of these pictures:

We’ve done thousands of pictures together. (…) I’ve got other nude pictures of Carla that are a lot more explicit, but I won’t sell them. On this picture, she’s naked, but at the same time, she shows her “male look”. She looks like a boy. She appears to touch herself or hide her sex: she’s playing.

It also seems the Carla Bruni nude picture doesn’t worth more than $4000.

Well, if other pictures of Sarkozy’s wife naked exist, I want to see her “play” again!

The sell for the original picture of Carla naked will be on April 10th at New York Christie’s.

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