Mario Kart Wii Videos

What’s full hot right now? Mario Kart for the Wii!

Mario Kart Wii

Did you try Mario Kart on the Wii? Well, I haven’t either, but a lot of people already own that game. What does it mean for us? Just one answer: plenty of videos! Thanks to Youtube!

First, here is a review. It seems a little long but it worth it!

[youtube 7PzYr7jZdzI]

In this one, we can see the old SNES Ghost Valley 2 remade for the Wii, played with baby Daisy!

[youtube pYAa3Utf9jM]

Now, here is a video of Grumble Volcano with Bowser Junior! It seems crazy!

[youtube P4FIlbvr1cc]

Remember, this game is played with a wheel!

[youtube EPxjigBwXcc]

Now, you want it huh? Well, me too!

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