Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty kissing

Sometimes shit happens. This time, the two psychos, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty (who just exit from jail), kissed themselves in front of the paparazzi. Amy Winehouse looks as dumb as ever, while Pete Doherty is probably high… Who would’nt be stoned in that situation anyway?

Close your eyes after the step!

Leona Lewis during her promotion of Spirit in Australia

So, what’s hot with Leona Lewis this month? Well, she’s been promoting her new album Spirit in Sydney, Australia. Here are some pictures of her promotion!

More pictures at Leona Photos

New kids on the Block All together again on one stage!

What’s full hot right now is the *magnificient* comeback of the New Kids on the Block with their *fantastic* All together again on one stage! That’s completely true and completely insane too! Here are Joey McIntye, Jonathan Knight, Donne Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Danny Wood, all posing on their next pocket single, All Together Again on one Stage!

All Together again on one stage

New Kids on the Block All together again on one stage tour dates

Here are the dates for New Kids on the Block next tour!

Sat 9/20/08 РMontréal, Québec, Centre Bell
Sun 9/21/08 Toronto, ON Air Canada Center
Tue 9/23/08 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
Wed 9/24/08 Uniondale, NY Nassau VETERANS MEMORIAL Coliseum
Fri 9/26/08 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
Sat 9/27/08 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel and Casino Event Center
Sat 10/4/08 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena

Will they Cash $$ or crash? One never know!

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes under paparazzi flashes

The Sun Magazine said that Madonna will earn some $50M just for two concerts in Dubai, which would be the most lucrative concerts in her life. It seems that the singer decided that Dubai would be the best place in the world to end her tour of Hard Candy album. It should happen next november.

For now, here are some pictures of Madonna with her daughter Lourdes caught by paparazzi.

50 cent doesn’t like Alicia Keys anymore

50 cent and Alicia Key

It’s over for Alicia Key! The popular rapper recently responded to the singer Alicia Keys who recently said in Blender Magazine that “Gangsta rap was created to convince black people to kill each other”. Later, Keys explained that the magazine misinterpreted her and told that she wasn’t a racist

Unfortunately, it seems that Fifty Cent didn’t like what Alica Keys told. He recently told to The Showbuzz that he doesn’t like Alicia Key anymore.

“I don’t like Alicia Keys no more though ‚Ķ the same reason why I said that I don’t like Oprah Winfrey,” 50 Cent told “I’m prejudice(d). I don’t like people who don’t like me. If you don’t like the content that I write because of my experiences; I am being who I am when I am writing it. I fall into that ‘label’ as far as you considering artists creating ‘Gangsta music,’ we fall into that.”

“If she don’t like that, (then) I don’t like that classical music s— she be doing. At some point she’s playing some s— that don’t relate to me. ‚Ķ We listen to it and try to figure out why people actually enjoy it. I am trying to enjoy it. That statement changes my perception of Alicia Keys totally. But the magazine is standing behind it, which means they probably have a tape of her in conversation saying it. It’s just not really a bright comment anyway.”

Is Jessica Simpson an alcoholic?

The Star Magazine wrote that Jessica Simpson was recently hospitalized because she has alcohol trouble. March 28, Jessica had a “kidney infection”.

Worst, Jessica Simpson thinks she’s pregnant! She asked for a pregnancy test during her hospitalization. “She was three weeks late and convinced she was pregnant. She was feeling really weak and really scared. She was unraveling.”

“She used to keep her drinks to a minimum, because she’s very conscientious about the calories,” says a source. “But Tony and his buddies really party hard, and I think they expect Jessica to keep up with them. But she is like a third of their weight and just can’t hold as much as they can.”

Fergie signing autographs in New York

Fergie (real name: Stacy Ann Ferguson), the popular signer, likes to sign autographs for her fans. On the next pictures, she’s in New York with her large eyebrow.. Just take a look!

Fergie (real name: Stacy Ann Ferguson), the popular singer signer, likes to sign autographs for her fans. On the next pictures, she’s in New York with her large eyebrow.. Just take a look!

Leona Lewis is top seller in United States

The recrew of Simon Cowell, Leona Lewis, is now a top disc seller in United States and Canada. She’s the first singer from United Kingdom who get that rank in America since 1986. Up to now, she sold more than 205 000 copies of her Spirit Album, and about 200 000 copies up north in Canada. Her song, Bleeding Love, is presently the most popular song on the radio.

You can watch the video clip here:

[youtube 5-ctIC65PV0]