Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor to be back in Beverly Hills Reloaded

We happened to learn this week that the “popular” Jennie Garth and Trisomy Tori Spelling accepted to play roles in the next popular serie of Beverly Hills Reloaded. Remember Jennie Garth was the girl with blond hair and that annoying voice, while Tori was playing the only worthless role in all her career.

Tori told that every series need a MILF and that she would be pleased to play that role. In that case it’s more a Mother I Would Like to Flush

Ugachaka dancing baby in Ally McBeal Show

Do you remember the little dancing baby in Ally McBeal show? She was periodly seeing the baby running all around the place, then the music (Hooked on a feeling) came and the baby started dancing.

Don’t you remember? Maybe that little video will help you remember the famous Ugachaka song (Hooked on a feeling) with the little baby dancing.

[youtube KZRuO4Q6eWc]

I can’t find the real video from Ally Mc Beal on YouTube… If one of you knows where I can find the original video the the dancing baby scene in Ally Mc Beal, don’t be shy and share it with us by commenting.