Paris Hilton in Africa

Who believes it? Paris Hilton is now in Africa! And she is posing with children and signing autographs for her fans at Jakaranda Kinder Huis school in Pretoria. She’s dressing with some kind of modest clothes, and we can guess she is trying to break that image that we have about her. But guess what! She’s only in Africa because she’s following her boyfriend Benji Madden, from Good Charlotte, who is performing at the My Coke Fest over. Don’t be fooled!

Where is the Bunny Easter tracker?

Yeah, I know everybody here is aware that today is Easter day. And that crazy day, we need a Easter Bunny Tracker!

The Easter Bunny Tracker will track the progress of the Easter Bunny as it goes from one house to another, bringing out Easter eggs, gifts, and candy all along the way. Lots of people try to find an Easter Bunny Tracker online so they can follow the furry fellow’s progress on Easter Sunday.

The “Easter Bunny Tracker” probably begun as a spin-off of the Santa Claus Tracker, in which occasion some groups set up a site where kids could track Santa’s progress as he was traveling and giving out gifts all over the world.

Sarah Jane Olson is back in jail!

Olson was released from the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla on parole March 17, 2008, only to be rearrested at Los Angeles International Airport on March 21st. She was rearrested following enormous outcry by the Los Angeles Police Department when it was found that she had been mistakenly released a year early from prison due to a miscalculation by the parole board.

Here what’s the world has to say about Sarah Jane Olson today. Cause she’s back!

In the news

SLA ex-member Sara Jane Olson back in jail, 5 days after release
(03-22) 16:47 PDT SACRAMENTO — Sara Jane Olson, the former SLA member and Minnesota housewife who was released from prison Thursday, is back in prison ..

Sara Jane Olson rearrested
Former Symbionese Liberation Army member Sara Jane Olson, right, and her husband Dr. Gerald Peterson made no comment to reporters as they left Olson’s …

Former SLA member Sara Jane Olson released from Calif prison
AP LOS ANGELES‚ÄîFormer Symbionese Liberation Army member Sara Jane Olson, who hid for years by posing as an ordinary housewife, was released from prison …

Freed SLA member Olson rearrested to finish prison sentence
By Todd Milbourn – Former Symbionese Liberation Army radical Sara Jane Olson went back to prison Saturday after just five days as a ..

In blogs

Sarah Jane Olson In Prison Again.
Experts puzzled to aghast over reversal.Sentence was extra-judicially extended in the first place by 6 years. Now some one with the power to revoke parole has caved to external pressure.Would you know who that could be Governor …

SLA Member Sarah Jane Olson Back in Chokey Good to hear that she …
SLA Member Sarah Jane Olson Back in Chokey Good to hear that she’ll still have to serve a couple more years for her part in the murder of Myrna Opsahl. Authorities arrested Olson – known as Kathleen Soliah during her SLA days – just ..

Hearst gang woman back in prison
Sarah Jane Olson was freed on Monday after seven years in jail for attempted bombings and second-degree murder during a campaign in 1975. But officials found an ‚Äúadministrative error‚Äù, and realised she still had one more year to serve …